About the Feature Requests category

Your ideas matter! Suggest new features for Noloco and provide feedback to help us improve. :new: :bulb:

Purpose of This Category: This category is dedicated to collecting and discussing feature requests and suggestions from our community. It’s a space where your ideas can directly influence the development of Noloco. Whether it’s a small tweak or a big new feature, we want to hear about it!

How It Differs from Other Categories: Unlike other discussion areas, this category is specifically for proposing new features or enhancements. It’s not for general discussion or support questions. Here, we focus solely on what could make Noloco even better.

What to Include in Your Topics: When posting in this category, please describe your feature request or suggestion in detail. Explain not only what you want but why it would be beneficial. The more details, the better we can understand and consider your proposal.

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