Character length validation for number fields

Currently, “text length” form validation exists for text fields, but not number fields. I’d love to see a “character length” validation point for number fields.

Use-Case Example

Good suggestion Joel!

Another idea would be to turn the SSN field into a text field, and add Regex validation to it to limit it to 3 numbers

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Good enough workaround for the input side of things. But for business intelligence (say an Airtable Interface displaying the data from the base used in Noloco, or a host of other platforms that might be used for a dashboard), that field will (for most platforms) still be read as a text field, so you won’t be able to build numerical metrics off of it (of course, SSN is a terrible example, but I’m thinking of other number entry fields where you might want to add some character length validation).

Long story short, good workaround – thanks for suggesting. Will still be nice though to have that validation option :slight_smile: