Community back to slack or discord?


I really like what you are doing for building a community and think youre doing a good job at it.

However I did prefer it when the community platform was at Slack - felt much more responsive and vibrant - maybe its just me though.



Hey @Landbronx - I appreciate the comment.

We actually explained the reasons behind the move in this blog post:

Here are the highlights, and the main downsides of Slack:
Easily find past conversations and resources.
The free version of slack limits you to 90 days of messages, so we were getting asked the same questions, and hearing the same feature suggestions over and over again.

It also makes it impossible for people to discover solutions through Google, or if they don’t use Slack…

To be honest this was the main one

Participate in a wider range of topics and special interest groups.
We now have much more specific topics on this community than in Slack, which can lead to better discussion. We’re definitely figuring it out still, but there have been some great conversations on this community page

Scaling our support efforts
As we try to scale our support efforts, we needed to centralize feature requests and questions about Noloco into one place, and Slack wasn’t the right tool for this unfortunately .

You’re still welcome to join and participate in the Slack community, although it’s primarily for bugs and announcements at this stage.

Thanks for understanding