Conditional record count in nav menu

Feature Request: conditional record count in nav menu

Check out the left-hand side in this screenshot.

  • You’ll notice that the current page shows “2” which is the number of records existing in that collection. However, the ability to show record count would be more valuable if the count “operation” were tied to filters the user could decide.
  • For example, I would want the count operation to overlook these two records since they are “Completed” (see the checkbox).

I can envision the conditional visibility eye living right next to the toggle, “Show record count?” (see the bottom of this screenshot).


I agree! The record count is a great idea but too limited without conditionality. I’d also love to see conditional record counts as an option for tabs as well.

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Personally, we do not use that feature yet. But I agree it would be very helpful to control the display according to individual criteria.