Creating valuable user statistics

Hi everyone,

I would be interest in hearing if and how any of you are collecting user statistics/behaviour accross your portals?

At the moment we know very little about our users on our portal. We know the time/date of their last visit. That’s about it. Unless they have interacted in something that we can see based on changed data.

Getting valuable feedback from users/customers has become very tedious. Unless you offer them major incentives, you almost never hear back (until it’s too late).

I would love to find out more about which pages, which records, which information they access, how often, how long in order to asess whether our offerings to them are working or not.

Are any of you doing something like that?

How could we go about this? @darragh Probably some of the information, especially the who, when and where is stored on your end already?

Thank you for your help!