Filtering by Dates

I’ve found a number of similar requests, but not exactly this.
If I pre filter a collection I can filter dates using various operators (Is after, Is before, Is after or equal to, etc.) and by combining this with “Relative Dates” can achieve selections such as “Effective Date” is after or equal to “Start of month”.
When I get to the “Filter Fields” options the only option is the standard calendar date picker, which isn’t much of an issue for something like current month, but is somewhat messy when you try for current year and have to move between calendar dates.
Not an urgent request, but it is possible in the app we are retiring.
old app…


I’ve asked for this too, both back end and front end would be really useful. I’m synching mysql and pulling lots of unrequired data into reports as I cant define whats actually needed.

It would be even better but probably more difficult to implement if we could create our own filter periods (next month, next 6 months etc)

Hopefully we may see this is in the future :crossed_fingers: