Markdown to open link in new tab

Does noloco have a markdown format to open link in new tab? I’ve tried things like {:target=“_blank”} and target=“_blank” with no success. Ideally external links would all open in new tab by default but I’m trying to do this as a workaround.

We do!

You can append {target=_blank} to the end of your links


[my link]({target=_blank})

excellent, that works, thanks!

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Is it also possible to use this for website links in records when clicking on stored links? Does not seem to work there.

Can you clarify the question @JCW ? What I’ve mentioned above is purely for Markdown text

Yes I wondered if there is a possibility to open links in new tabs when clicking on a link. Outside of fields that support markdown. So let’s say I have a field with website links and when a user clicks on a link by default the site opens in another tab. This is to ensure the noloco application remains open in the original tab.

Do you mean when you’re displaying a field as a link? I believe we have a separate option for that actually

I use a formula to achieve this. My users can enter the link text and URL and the formula builds the markdown. I display that markdown link wherever desired.

IF({Client link},
IF({Product},"["&{Product}&"]"&"("&{Client link}&"{target=_blank})"&"   "&{Additional Info},
IF({Client link},"<"&{Client link}&"{target=_blank}>",Product&"   "&{Additional Info})),Product&"   "&{Additional Info})

Thank you very much for this workaround! @onlymatt