Mobile calendar field view loading off screen

While there is plenty to be desired as far as mobile friendliness, here’s a recent issue I’ve noticed: on mobile when you click a calendar event the pop up with the field info loads off screen. At first it looks like nothing is happening when clicking on the event because it’s completely out of view. But once the pop up is open you can scroll right to (with some additional difficulty) access the record fields.

It’s a similar issue to this one with tagging that I brought up weeks ago.

It is also common for the page to load wider that the mobile screen and have to be pinched down to see everything normal. I’m hopeful of a substantial mobile overhaul but in the interest of good data, wanted to share these as I come upon them in case they can only be solved piece by piece.

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Thanks for sharing @onlymatt

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After thinking about this current limitation some more I’d like to make some suggestions.

  1. Ideally the modal fix would make it look and function more like the current noloco forms.
  2. I’d prefer to have the option to open a calendar or timeline record on click instead of the modal popping up
  3. this would mean action buttons would also have to be visible on the calendar record itself. But, I recognize this could cause clutter issues and misclicks when trying to manipulate calendar records so possibly the modal is inescapable. So the button location would have to be optional between modal or directly on the record.

I’d also add the in recent testing I can’t even make the calendar pop up viewable by manipulating the screen, it’s completely inaccessible on mobile and thus, prevents from being able to access the record itself.

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Hey @onlymatt - thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Calendar events now open in a full-screen dialogue on click, which gives you much more space for your records and action buttons, and prevents the issues you’re seeing here where they go off screen.

We’ll definitely take some of your other suggestions on board though

Thanks for the fix, its critical for a large part of my team. Is it easy enough to apply the same fix to timeline view on mobile? Timeline view click does nothing. I had switched my team to timeline view after this topic because it looks a lot cleaner but have had to temporarily switch back because the record can’t be accessed on mobile.

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That sounds like an oversight on our side @onlymatt - I’ve flagged it with the Engineering team