Multi-level Grouping for Tables: Organize Your Data Like Never Before

We’re excited to announce the launch of a powerful new feature: Multi-level Grouping for Tables! This update allows you to group your table data by up to three fields or values, providing you with even more control and flexibility in organizing and analyzing your data.Why Multi-level Grouping?Our users have shared their needs for more advanced organization capabilities within tables, and we’ve been listening. With this update, you can now create sub-groups within your existing groups to better manage complex datasets and derive more insights from your internal tools.How Does It Work?It’s simple! To group your table by multiple fields or values, just follow these steps:- Click the “Display” button in your table settings.- Select your first field or value to group by (e.g., Status).- Click “Add a subgroup” to add up to two more fields or values (e.g., Assignee and Priority).‍That’s it! Your table will now display groups and sub-groups based on your selected criteria.Real-World ApplicationsMulti-level Grouping can be a game-changer in various use cases. For instance, project managers can now view tasks grouped by status, then assignee, and priority, allowing them to quickly identify bottlenecks and high-priority tasks. Customer support teams can group tickets by status, agent, and priority, making it easier to manage and assign workloads effectively.‍Give It a Try and as always, we love to hear your feedback‍