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Hi, this maybe a non starter but I’ll ask anyway. Would be incredibly helpful to create a workflow with usual fields and attachments that then opened the default mail client on the users device.

When we get a new client, by law we have to send 4 static external PDFs in an introductory email. This email has to be sent from the assigned adviser with all the regulatory footer information we apply at server level (Exchange)

If I could create an action button to trigger the workflow and open Outlook (let’s say) it would really cut down time and effort.

We are in the Pro plan so SMTP isn’t an option for us and we cannot send mail to clients from Noloco (no reply).

Thank you

Hey @garyGHL,

Would it be an option to bind the button to mailto: links here? This way clicking on the button would open the system default mail client?

Hi @domhnall , thank you for the input. I have created an action button that does indeed open Outlook (desktop) with the clients email and subject line but had hoped for the attachments and body too. I should be able to trust the adviser to do the rest but history tells me tis isn’t the case :grin:

I can also do this using a Workflow, which works perfectly but unfortunately it is sent via Due to UK regulations (FCA) it needs to come from the financial advisers email address.

How many advisors do you have on your team at the moment/are you planning on having in the next 12 months?

And, more importantly, are there any time limits in place or any financial penalties for failing to comply with the regs in a timely manner (Just trying to figure out if Enterprise is worth the investment in your particular case? )

Actually, with the SMTP settings you can only link one email address to your account, that won’t work for your use case though, right?

What CRM are you using at the moment?

Hi @domhnall, we have 35 advisers and could possibly get away with using the head office email account to send them, its the same domain and has the regulatory footer applied at server level.

We don’t currently offer the email option to advisers with our current CRM, its something I was hoping to build in to Noloco for 2 reasons really. 1 to ensure the email is actually sent and 2 as a carrot to sell them this new system I am building with Noloco. They really don’t like change, so I’m adding as many time saving features as I can :grin:

I’ll enquire on the costs to add-on the smtp function and see where we are. Thanks again for your input.

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Do, give them a shout and see what they can do for you!

Keep us posted on your progress

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