Paste Screenshot from Clipboard in Attachment field

I often take screenshots and it would be a much easier UX to paste directly in an attachment field.

This has been an issue for me, but a client just requested, so I think it is a significant need.

Would prefer a popup similar to the Airtable UI where you can select the location you are grabbing the attachment from. Rather from desktop only.


Here to get some activity on this post… would love to see this become available.

My biggest use-case:

In every build, I create an ‘app feedback’ section where users can drop ideas/issues for me to review/update. Many times the users need to take a screenshot. The ability to add from the clipboard rather than a saved image would be a much better UX.

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That’s a cool idea I had not even thought about. I don’t do this a lot at this point but when I do it, it obviously happens via the extensive selection route. Simple thing that saves a lot of time when you use it a bit.

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