Prefill a form with a record's UUID

Feature Request: prefill a form with a record’s UUID

Right now, to prefill a Noloco form via URL parameters, you must include the desired record’s ID (Noloco, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc). It would be really helpful if we could prefill records by the desired record’s UUID (in the case of Airtable, recxyz).

Scenario / Example

  • This would be really helpful for scenarios like the following:
  • You are sending a survey to team members. The survey is a Noloco form, and you want to prefill the “Team Member” field with each person’s record ID from Airtable.
  • You build a Make scenario that automatically sends this survey out to every team member in Airtable, dynamically adding their record ID to the URL parameters of the Noloco form’s URL. With this feature, that’s easy since you would just use each team member’s Airtable ID (i.e. recxyz).
  • However, right now you would have to add a search step to look for each team member in Noloco, so that you can use their ID within the email step that actually sends the custom form URL.
  • I realize that’s a sorta bad example because you could just root the Make scenario in Noloco rather than Airtable, and therefore you would have access to the Noloco IDs AND the UUIDs, however, I know there are loads of us that root our scenarios/zaps in our database rather than in Noloco. That’s also a bad example because that doesn’t illustrate the need for privacy/more security with the IDs, but whatever–y’all get the point on a technical level :sweat_smile:

Security Benefit

  • This also provides more security with form URLs and the data that is “baked” into the URL. Airtable’s IDs are neither simple nor sequential the way Noloco’s are (as @nathan helpfully pointed out in this feature request).
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I’ve ran into this before also! I think this is a perfect and simple use-case example Joel!

Essentially, we want to dynamically create the link to the page via an Airtable formula and we are not able to do so due to the necessity of a noloco id for the linked records.

My workaround is to store the NL id in an AT field. You can have a workflow upon record creation that updates the record with the NL ID, or, as you mentioned Joel, take it out to a 3rd party like Make/Zapier to search NL and update the AT record. Either of these methods seem a bit excessive and could end up becoming pretty costly depending on the record count.

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@Brandi_Bullock thank you for that example!! Agreed - workflows to add the NL ID is really not a scalable solution.

Are you thinking of offering this in tandem with the Noloco ID still working?

Not 100% sure I understand your question, but ideally the whole Noloco ID thing would be fixed as well :slight_smile:

What I mean is, you can prefill a form with UUID OR Noloco ID.

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Ohh yes yes :raised_hands:t3: Would love that