Set a default value for file upload fields

On any form or create/update modal, you can set a default value for each field.

This works for pretty much every type of field (including linked fields), but not for file upload fields.

My use case:

  • Deal records have a file field storing the files necessary to generate contracts
  • There can be many offers under one deal
  • I’d like an action button which enables the user to confirm (ie. update) the files and request contracts for that offer, sending an email with the files
  • The button is on offers, not deals, because the offer details are preloaded by default into the email body so that the user can edit it
  • I want a files field on offers which would default to the files field on the offer’s deal
  • This way, the user can update the files in that offer’s files field without touching the files field on the deal

Would be great if default values were added for file upload fields!

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