Smaller date in-line filters

Feature Request: Smaller date in-line filters

  • Right now, date in-line filters take up a ton of space, and having just a couple of them forces the filters to continue on a new line, which is a visual mess.
  • See the screenshot below.
  • So rather than a new feature, this is just a request to have them trimmed down to maybe 2/3 of the length. I understand it might be helpful since sometimes these fields include timestamps (thereby making the text longer), but they just seem unnecessarily large.
  • I’d probably ask the same of the native Search filter as well.

I’m seeing this too, I have 6 filters which overflow and looks a bit messy. I’d love to see inline filters on the header row which can be enabled/disabled as required.

Would really clean the display up and make filtering quicker in my humble opinion.

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