Ability to attach images/files on text fields

In much the same way that you can drag&drop/copy&paste an image inline in one of these forum posts, it would be great if you could do the same with the rich text/markdown fields in Noloco.


This would come in extremely handy for us when working on rich text content that we have published to Webflow. At the moment we publish content via Make but then have to go to the webflow editor to insert images manually.

Just to check, you’re both working on Noloco tables, and not using Airtable etc?

Can you give more context on the expectations here around hosting and file visibility, or the overall context.

What you’ve added @Tobias is helpful thanks

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I am actually using Airtable tables, not Noloco. This is also a limitation in Airtable which I’m also raising the same request to them for.

For context, the client works in media production and essentially they would like to include inline attachments as part of the “brief” for new campaigns/projects, this allows them to provide context for said attachments as they can be inserted within different portions of the overall brief, rather than being in a separate attachments field.

Tobias’ context is also a great use-case, I can imagine scenarios where you could use Noloco as a hub for managing social media / blog content with inline images and a button to trigger a workflow which pushes the content to all of your social platforms.

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I see the difficulty, here. We are using Airtable rich text fields as well. And I realize the problem is, that Airtable is not supporting this for rich text fields to begin with.

Does Smart Suite have fields that include images?

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SmartSuite has SmartDocs which are closer to a Notion style document, but can’t easily be exported to HTML or something else for use elsewhere

Noloco doesn’t support these fields

You can past/insert images in SmartSuite SmartDocs.
And SmartSuite has a image field:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 165813


Thank you. I see this is tricky. How does it work here in the forum? There are many different elements which I can insert into what I am writing. Is it all mark up? Essentially this (where I am typing right now) is a rich text field, right?

This isn’t Noloco though, and they are designed for exactly this
When you upload a file, the file is uploaded to their servers and attached to the post, and the img URL is inserted in the markdown.

You can always put image URLs in our markdown, they just wont be rendered as such

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