Ability to Copy/Move a Block to a Different Page

I’m grateful for the ability to duplicate a block and move it to another tab on the current page, but to take it one step further, I’d love the ability to copy an entire block and paste it on a completely different page.



Ooof, I’ve come across this too. THANK YOU, this would be super useful, especially for those more complex detail blocks where there’s a million conditions you have to rebuild :sweat_smile:


Similarly, the ability to save any custom blocks one creates as reusable template blocks would be super helpful. Most apps only deploy a few different page layouts so the ability to create page using elements of other, existing pages - or templates created and saved while building a different project - would be very helpful. In Figma, for example, one can save variants, custom design elements, etc and apply these resources to future designs.


@akraut my GOODNESS that would be one of the most used features for me by far.

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Most definitely! I requested that one already too!!! Ability to save pre-configured page layout templates (Page Template Library?)

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While copy-pasting elements would be a great start, it would be even better if we could save elements as “global views” or “global elements.” This feature would allow us to:

  • Paste similar elements / views (+ settings) around the workspace easily.
  • Define whether a specific element/view needs to be connected to the global element.
  • Apply changes to the global element, which applies it to all connected elements in the workspace.

This approach would ensure consistency and integrity across similar views / designs on blank pages, making it easier to create and manage complex portals with multiple suites. It would streamline future updates and changes you make to these elements, maintaining a logical and coherent structure throughout the workspace

Ooof, thank you. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to be able to copy and paste a block to a different page… takes up so much time rebuilding components.