Ability to save pre-configured page layout templates (Page Template Library?)

This one may be a STRETCH…

I would LOVE the ability to save the generic layout of a custom PAGE in order to apply it as a custom page within other app builds. This way, instead of the time-consuming task of dragging and dropping each block, we could simply pull in the entire template page, with all the blocks pre-configured.

My use-case:
On new app launches I LOVE to include an ‘:sparkles: App Feedback’ page where users can report bugs/provide feature requests or just communicate issues directly with me rather than going through a middle person or sending copious amounts of emails/slack/teams/etc. messages.

I’m aware of the ‘Software Bug Tracker App’ template in the template library, which is somewhat similar to my approach. But, I usually prefer embedding my tracker right into the main app I’m developing, rather than keeping it separate.

This is definitely a ‘would be nice’ feature, but just thought I’d throw it out there just in case it’s not too far off from becoming a reality :smiley: