Ability to hide title field in map view

Feature Request: Ability to hide title field in map view

  • In the Map view for a collection, you currently are forced to configure a title field.
  • This is frustrating because, when adding that same title field as an actual field in the “Options” configuration (so that it shows in the left-side list of records), you are then left with redundancy: the title field shows twice, once because of the collection’s “Title field” configuration, and a second time because of the field being turned on in the collection’s list of fields.
  • This is a little confusing, but see the attached image for reference. The ideal solution is the ability to not have to set a “title field” for the collection, so that I can just rely on the field being toggled on under “Options” - that way it displays on the left-side menu.


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I recently encountered this issue as well. I guess a fix would be to display the pre-selected title in the list view as well to eliminate the need to select it in the fields

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Yes that would work as well!