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Encountered a bug? Report it here to help us improve Noloco. Your feedback ensures a smoother experience for everyone :beetle:

:wrench: Noloco Bug Reports: Your Help in Squashing Bugs :wrench:

Encountered a glitch in Noloco? This is your go-to place to report it. Let’s work together to enhance our platform.

Before You Report:

  • Check if it’s a known issue on Noloco Status.
  • Look through the community – someone might have already reported your bug.

Effective Bug Reporting: Clear, concise reports help us fix issues faster. Please include:

  • Your project’s URL (e.g., https://<projectname>.noloco.co/).
  • Your operating system and browser details.
  • Screenshots or short videos of the bug. (e.g you can use https://www.loom.com/)

Privacy Note: Avoid sharing sensitive or private information.

We aim to address bugs publicly for community benefit.

If we cannot resolve the issue in a public thread, we may move to DM.

Your reports are vital in improving Noloco. Thank you for your input!