AI-Powered Workflows

We’re beyond excited to announce a new integration at Noloco that is set to transform the way you interact with your workflows!‍We have now integrated with OpenAI, which means you can bring the power of artificial intelligence to your workflows. This groundbreaking feature allows you to take advantage of a suite of OpenAI actions, right within your workflows.‍Whether it’s asking your AI assistant for help in generating a description or next steps, summarizing long text, correcting grammar, extracting keywords, analyzing sentiment, or finishing text - you now have the power of AI at your fingertips.‍This integration means your workflows just got smarter and your productivity is set to skyrocket. What’s more, the seamless integration ensures you can get started with just a few clicks. So, why wait?‍Supercharge your app today with AI-Powered Workflows and unlock a new level of efficiency and innovation for your business.‍Watch the demo‍