Allow other users to access comment "Notes" section

Feature Request: Allow other users to access comment “Notes” section

  • Right now, Noloco’s comment “Notes” section is only visible/usable by those whose role has the “Team Member” box ticked in the role configuration pane.
  • That’s fine, however, there are use-cases where outside vendors (say a law firm, or a stakeholder) that is not a team member, would want to be engaging in the Notes section with the main company’s team members.
  • If that outside party is functioning as an “internal” team member for the sake of review, approval, decisions, etc, then it would be advantageous to allow them to participant in the “Notes” section.
  • The regular “Comments” section would be used by the other party (for example, a client) that does not need to engage in the “internal dialogue.”

I’m currently getting around this through having two comment blocks, one titled “Internal Comments” and one titled “External Comments” (rooted in a linked record) – both of which are governed by conditions I can freely define (in order to meet the use-case described above).

But being able to have more control over who sees the comments “Notes” section would solve this issue.

Thanks for the context Joel.

Couldn’t you just those users a role with “Team Member” capabilities?

It sounds like you have people behaving as team members. The benefits of our roles are that they can be quite flexible in this way

@darragh We wouldn’t want to do that as the team member configuration allows those users to have a team-view of modules like billing (to borrow from the Noloco guide language). But also, they aren’t actually team members. They just need to tap into the internal dialogue for a specific reason and within specific context.

The other issue is that if these users are flagged as team members in their role configuration, then when we use these conditions across various UI elements, specifically the “Internal users” option, we’d be including all those people that aren’t actually internal users/team members.

I guess that’s not the case if the “Internal users” condition option refers to users that have the Team Member box checked and their email domain is the main one. I saw a sentence about that in the guide, but then a different sentence seems to suggest that it is only the box that determines if they’re internal or external:

The Team Member flag setting on a User Role determines whether they are deemed an Internal User or an External User.

This isn’t relevant to any of your apps. It doesn’t refer to Noloco billing, but actually the old, deprecated, billing module.

The point I’m trying to make is, we have to draw a line between internal and external for features like this, and it’s not always going to match everyone’s idea, but our roles are pretty flexible, so you can probably make it work

For simplicity reasons, I can’t see us making any changes to this any time soon

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