Alternative use case for Magic Links

Could anyone else use a feature like this?

We use email notifications for various triggers within our app. Just 1 example - a user recieves a task within our app, which triggers an email (noloco workflow) letting them know they recevied a task along with the task details.

My team and I would love to see the option for a magic link to be included in this notification email. Consider how we all use our apps…I’ll bet a large percentage of email notifications will in one way or another result in the need for the user to get back into the app to “do” something. It would be awesome if the user could simply click the magic link with their notification email for quick and easy access. I admit some may be uncomfortable with a feature like this as it could be less secure, but I think for many it could be very useful.

Additionally, In our business, I sometimes dread adding yet another app to my team. Apps can pile up quick along with more passwords and logins to remember. Many of of users could interact as needed through a feature like this without always having to remember their credentials all the time. A large percentage of our app users do not even use a PC or have desk jobs.

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