Handling Unregistered Users on the Login Page: Redirect to Registration Instead of Sending Magic Link

Is it possible on the login page for a user who is not registered on the platform, to indicate that their email is not recognized and redirect them to the registration page? Currently, I notice that it indicates that a magic link has been sent, but the user does not receive anything. I have several clients who try to enter their emails directly, and nothing happens afterward.

Hey @Nicolas - have you got Open Signup enabled?

Typically websites don’t notify users if the email exists or not because it allows people to check which users have registered for your site or not, which is why it’s behaving as you’ve described


Yes, I have Open Signup enabled, but the issue is that when a client doesn’t click on “Create an account” and enters their email directly, they are not informed that they are not registered, which causes confusion.

The use case is that some clients don’t see the link to create an account, so they enter their emails directly and then read that a magic link has been sent or they need to enter their password. When they don’t receive anything, they tell me it’s not working.

I understand the security concern behind not notifying users whether an email exists or not. However, our current issue is that unregistered users are not receiving any notification or redirection, leading to confusion. We want to improve the user experience by guiding them to the registration page if their email is not recognized.

Is it possible to add a email notification to them if the email is not recognized ?