Auto-collapse groups in a table view

I have a client who would really like to be able to use groups in a table, but for the groups to be auto-collapsed when first navigating to the view. Is this possible?

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Great question @nathan !

If you are grouping by a Single Option field, then yes you can collapse the individual groups by default.

Otherwise we don’t have this option yet.
You would like all groups to be collapsed by default is that right?

Yes sir! This would be in all instances. That way they can “skim” the top level info easier before diving down into detailed records.

In my case, they are grouping by a linked record or a lookup field in Airtable.

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When you say it can be collapsed “by default” do you mean that naturally it is left uncollapsed, or that there is a specific setting to make them be collapsed by default (I’ve not found one)?

Also, if Johnny were to collapse Groups A, B, but leave C expanded, what will Sue see? Same thing (is it global, user based, or session/cookie based)?

When grouping by Single Option fields there is an option to determine which groups should be collapsed when the page is first opened by a user.

For non-single option fields we dont have such a setting, because there could in theory be hundreds of groups, or the groups could change depending on who is viewing the page.

We could possibly have an option to specify that they should all be collapsed though.

To answer your last question, when someone collapses or expands a group, that only persists on that device, it’s not global and it’s not cross-device, rather it’s specific to that browser

Super helpful! Thanks for that.

Just put in a related request, to have an in-line button that allows you to collapse or expand ALL groups in one shot: