Cancel Option in Edit Mode on Record Detail Pages

Maybe I’m missing something, but it appears that there is no way to cancel changes when editing on a Record Detail page. Even if you refresh the page the changes get applied as if it were an inline change.

I believe you should at least give the option of having a cancel button to allow the user to exit cleanly without making any changes.


Hey @BillHoare - any change made with Build mode is instantly saved.

However, it’s not published to your non-builder users, to do that you need to click the Publish button.

On the Business plan you can also use Version history to revert back to a previously published version, effectively allowing you to undo your changes, as you suggested.

I hope this clarifies things

Hi @darragh,

I haven’t tested myself to confirm but I think you’ve misunderstood Bill’s question.

I think he’s referring to the “Edit” button to edit a record
not editing the app.

It sounds like changes he makes to a record when editing are saved even if he doesn’t click Done and he’d like the option for an additional Cancel button next to Done to not submit any of the changes to that record.

Thanks for pointing that out @EthosLuke sounds like you’re right!

But that is correct, the “Edit” button simply enabled the live editing of the fields.

@BillHoare If you want to control the flow of updates you can use an action button, which only changes the data once the form is saved.

Typically this gives you the best of both worlds.

That is what I meant. I guess I need to experiment some more with the action buttons to see what I missed.

I think I got it, Thanks.