Preview unpublished changes

Something that would give me more confidence as a Builder is knowing what changes I’m about to publish.

For example;

  • List the pages with changes
  • List the settings with changes (e.g. Custom Code)
  • List the data tables with changes

I don’t need a specific breakdown of everything – just top-level enough for me to mentally confirm that this aligns with what I think i’ve changed.

The underlying confidence-issue here is some of the issues we’ve had in the past - losing changes when editing in multiple tabs etc.


I appreciate the suggestion @Russ

Just to clarify a few things, publishing will publish exactly what you see in your browser to non admins.

The easiest way to verify this is by reloading the browser tab, this will ensure you’re on the latest draft version of your app.

Then confirming everything is as it should be.

Then publish your app, if it’s what you expect.

To clarify on some common points of confusion:

  • There’s only one draft app, so if you have a teammate that’s also editing your app, they’re editing the same draft version
  • If you publish the app, you will publish any changes that a teammate has made to your app (again, there’s only one draft version)
  • The biggest reason you would lose work is
    • Your internet connection is unstable
    • You and a teammate were both working on the app at the same time, or in multiple tabs, which weren’t in sync with the actual draft app.
    • In this situation, if you re-order the pages in your app, it can overwrite the changes made to one of those other pages, if your browser’s version of the app doesn’t contain those changes… so reload the page, or turn on and off build mode before making such changes

I love the idea of it listing what pages have had changes when you go to publish the app. What I also think would be really helpful is for builders to be able to simply toggle between the current published version of the app as well as the draft version, instead of having to login with a non-admin account.

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