Change action bouton after click

Would be interesting to change visualization (color+text) of action button after update
(like in Airtable interface button).
For example button “Begin” yellow color before update become “Finish” green color after click.

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Usually we suggest having 2 buttons, presumably because they have 2 different actions, and then using Visibility Settings to hide the button depending on the conditions

I just so happened to be working on this sort of thing right now

Quick overview of how I manage button/notification states in Noloco:

And a quick summary provided by loom hah:

Key Steps

  1. Identify Button Actions: Determine the different actions that need to be associated with buttons based on specific triggers or conditions.
  2. Update Record Status: Ensure that clicking on a button triggers the update of the record status to reflect the action taken.
  3. Set Visibility Rules: Establish visibility rules for buttons based on the current status of the record or other relevant factors.
  4. Utilize Multi-Select Options: Use multi-select options to define the different states and stages that will determine button visibility.
  5. Control Views: Leverage stages and statuses to control the visibility of buttons and other elements on the page.
  6. Create Different Views: Organize different views based on the various combinations of states and stages to effectively manage visual states.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure that the actions associated with buttons accurately reflect the changes in the record status.
  • Double-check visibility rules to prevent buttons from showing or hiding incorrectly.
  • Regularly review and update the stages and statuses to align with the workflow requirements.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Keep stages and statuses clear and organized to easily manage button visibility.
  • Test button actions and visibility rules to confirm that they are functioning as intended.
  • Document any changes made to stages and statuses to maintain a clear overview of the workflow.
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Hi Sean,

I have in mind this kind of idea but you give e opportunity to quickly adapt my app.

Thank a lot for this nice demo.