Action buttons always visible

Action buttons are great, but our users don’t always know they are there, because you have to hover over them in order to see them. I understand why. It would be awesome if there was some way to get the functionality of an action button, that would be always visible.
Use case is: creating a link from one record to the “create” form of a linked record, with prefilled information. You can do that with record buttons, but I want to have a more definitive button. In order to do so, I have to create a formula field in that table, that accepts the noloco ID as the prefill, and then use that field as the button link. It works, its just a workaround.
Potential solution would be to conditionally choose the visibility of the button, ie “on hover” or “always”


Second this; there are some occasions where this would be super helpful for me

LOVE this. I had a request at one point to have a button displayed in a table’s column (thankfully Noloco allows for this) but the issue is that those buttons are pretty much just URL-based. They aren’t action buttons fundamentally.

So this would be super helpful!