Conditional in-line editing

Request: Conditional in-line editing

Here’s my use-case…

  • In the screenshot below, my client is sending sales quotes through their CRM in Noloco. When a Sales Quote has been sent, it’s status is automatically marked as “Sent” which should (1) restrict new line items from being added (which can be accomplished by configuring the default New Record collection button’s visibility) AND (2) restrict existing line items in the quote from being edited.
  • Right now, even if a quote has been sent, the only way to restrict users from in-line editing the existing line items is by having two collections, one that displays with in-line editing when the quote has NOT been sent, and another collection that displays without in-line editing when the quote HAS been sent.
  • The easier solution would be to allow in-line editing for individual fields, upon certain criteria being met.



Yes, this would be a huge solution

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We have the need to lock records or parts thereof, meaning once a certain stage is reached certain fields can no longer be altered.

Therefore a condition for inline editing similar to conditions for visibility would be very helpful.

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FYI As a workaround for now I’ve actually been using multiple collections on page just with different visibility settings to accomplish this conditional in line editing. I.e. I have a budget page for a project where inline editing is enabled in 1 collection when the project status is planning and editing disable when the project is active. I’m sure this is less efficient for both building and load time but it has worked very effective.


Yes that definitely works! I’ve done this, but if you want specific fields to be editable and others not, and you’re working with like 5-15 fields, then it becomes really inefficient to have 5-15 collections.

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For sure, that would be over the top. :laughing: I’ve only got 1 or 2 conditions to watch for.

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