Custom color scheme for charts

Hello, does anyone know if its possible to create a custom colour for charts or even edit one of the pre-defined colours? Id like to change the standard red to my brand colour. I could set this by changing the overall colour scheme of the app but I want to retain the dark grey on that.

Thank you

Hey Gary,

I don’t think so. As a workaround, you could design the charts with and embed them in Noloco with an iFrame component. is only $16/mo and highly capable of producing the aesthetic you’re after in very little time…pretty turn key tbh.

I ran into a similar issue when trying to use Noloco’s native charts and have since been using Graphy to create and embed the charts in Noloco. The charts can connect to your database and remain dynamic as well.


Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind going forward, it looks nice.