More custom design options for graphs (editable)

Hi Noloco users!

It would be great if it was possible to custom edit charts in a more granular way, example:

Displaying one series as an area or barchart and the another as a line (dotted etc) to be able to compare values in a more pedagogical way to customers. Lets say you have a project cost value and want to compare it over time wit a limit or goal value:

Today if you have multiple series in noloco they are the same type: barchart, line, etc.

It would also be great to be able to customize text size and layout of graphs in a more granular way: text size, colors etc, similar to (chart.js).

I understand if this perhaps can become an cluttered UX for Noloco, so perhaps one solution would be to get access to a more advanced code editor for the graphs?

Upvote this post if you also think it is an important feature for your work with Noloco <3


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Pinging this thread and wondering if there is any interest from the community? And if Noloco has any plans on creating a more customisable chart builder in Noloco?



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You can do this by adding multiple charts in the same block, no?

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Do you meaning have two charts next to each other? Or do you mean adding multiple series within the same chart?

In the chart above I have two different series in the same chart:
Series 1 - Line chart
Series 2 - Dotted line chart

Yes, 2 charts next to each other. That’s the only option for now.