Custom titles for workflow steps

Feature Request: Custom titles for workflow steps

  • Currently, each step in a workflow is titled automatically and sequentially (i.e. Step 1, Step 2, etc. - see the screenshot below).
  • This can be confusing in workflows that have, for example, 5-10 steps and you’re constantly clicking on multiple steps till you find the right one.
  • So for the sake of quicker navigation and even better “built-in” documentation, being able to title my steps would be fantastic.


I don’t see this custom title as something that would replace the auto/sequential naming. Rather, I see this title as something that would display next to the default title. So, for example…

  • Step 1 - Quote is created
  • Step 2 - Generate line items
  • Step 3 - Generate PDF
  • Step 4 - Trigger Make (upload PDF to Dropbox)
  • Step 5 - Email project manager

Exactly my comment yesterday! Sorry, thought your other post was requesting the same thing! Definitely needed!

@buildwithjoel @Brandi_Bullock this is pretty similar to this request, which we plan to work on soon :tada:

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Thanks both of y’all! And super happy to hear that Darragh :slight_smile:

To clarify, the difference between the two is that this request is simply for the title (quick identification), whereas that other request is for a notes/textbox that you have to expand or that is displayed next to each step (kinda similar to zapier), where you can go more in depth.

So this request = simple title, the other one = fuller documentation/explainer boxes.


I noticed, don’t worry!

But when you made the first request, you’ll be happy to know I considered titles too!

Gotcha gotcha, thanks Darragh :pray:

That would be VERY helpful

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