File gallery from a linked record's attachment field

Feature Request: File gallery from a linked record’s attachment field

  • Right now, the Gallery block can only display files from an attachment field in the current record’s table.
  • Similar to the Details block, which can be “rooted” in any linked field from the current record’s table, I would love if we could “root” Gallery blocks in an attachment field from any of the current record’s linked fields.


  • You have a Sales Interaction record, and you open it.
  • PDF reports for each Sales Interaction record lives in a linked “Report” record.
  • In other words, Sales Interaction > links to a Report record > Report record contains the attachment field.
  • So now, you’re in the Sales Interaction record and want to display the related Report. So you use a lookup field in the Sales Interaction record, which pulls the attachment from the Report record. Then you display that lookup field in a Gallery block. Problem solved.
  • But the problem is that when the Report’s attachment field is updated (attachment is deleted, added, etc), it takes a long time to be reflected in the attachment lookup within the Sales Interaction record.
  • Another possible workaround is to use a Details block within the Sales Interaction record, and root it in the related “Report” record, and display the attachment. However, PDFs do not display visually in-line, nor are they expanded the way a Gallery block is.

Ideal Solution

  • You can create a Gallery block, and choose which linked record you want to use for it (or you can use the current record).
  • After choosing the linked record (or not choosing one), you choose the attachment field to display.
  • Problem solved, immediate loadtime, and no lookups.