Get Label of Select Fields in Formulas and API

I recently started using Noloco and loving it so far. A pain I’m facing is when working with select fields. It would be great to be able to set Labels and Values for select fields and be able to specify whether to use the label or value. Right now, the platform only allows you to set the Label for the select field which is what is displayed to the user, but automatically generates a value for it under the hood, which is what is rendered when using the field in a formula or fetching data through the API.

So when I create a field and show the user the label as “Tack and Pad Application”, what I get when using the field in a formula is “TACK_AND_PAD_APPLICATION” which means more time has to be spent modifying the data to match the expected values. It’s much painful when the label has a mix of space, dashes and other characters. These are all converted to underscores and makes it impossible to use a formula to recreate the label.

A way I’ve seen some platforms approach this is generating a field to store the label, so if I have a select field named ApplicationType, the system generates a new field ApplicationType_Label which stores the label that’s also displayed to the user. An alternative is storing the data as an array or object so that it can be queried in the UI.

I hope this feature is considered and thank you for the work you are putting in to build a great no-code platform.

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