Write text values to single-select fields in workflows

Feature Request: Write text values to single-select fields in workflows

  • Single-select fields have to receive values from other single-select fields.
  • This is a massive disadvantage for when we need to write values calculated dynamically (i.e. within formula fields) to a single select. This is a staple functionality supported by many automation tools (Zapier, Airtable automations, etc), but it is not possible in Noloco.


  • For example, in the screenshot below, I am trying to write an auto-computed date (the MMM month format of the date the invoice was fulfilled) into the single-select field so that I can then group my data as well as filter it more easily through dropdown in-line filters.
  • Text values written into single-selects should become options within that field in Airtable.


  • The obvious workaround is to fire these kinds of workflows from Airtable automations (or Zapier, Make, etc) but I want them within Noloco workflows due to their local nature/speed.
  • Running them from Airtable then waiting for it to sync into Noloco, could take a good while, especially since the dropdown value MIGHT be a new one, therefore making it a schema change (I think??? pretty sure Noloco reads that that way).

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