How to set this up? : Everyone can read all AND Users can only create/update rule specific data

All users (Admins & User) have access to (read) all records.
But, only Users can create & update only their own team data.

The permission can now be arranged based on rules,
but these rules are aimed at “Users can only access records if…” functionality.

How do I ensure that users read all date AND users can only change their own data?
When i create 2 permissions the result is that the user can see the data of their team…

Can someone please help me with this solution?

No reaction until now…
One option is to show (the new record) button only when the team matches the team of the user. But that will be a lot of adjustments on all the pages.


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Hi @rob

This has been asked before once or twice.

At the moment, the best solution is the one you proposed, where you limit the visibility of the buttons and use action buttons to edit the specific fields only when the user is editing their records.