Problem setting up advanced permissions rule based on a field value

Hey there, I am trying to replicate an advanced permission rule based on the value of a field Product Update Nov 2023

Following permission scenario: I have an airtable table in noloco that contains a single select status field. If the status is equal to “Full edit” I want a specific usergroup to have full access. As soon as the status changes to “Read only” I want the same usergroup to have read only access. Now I set that up on permission level. I am putting in place 2 rules for the same user group. But it seems always only one of both rules triggers. Not sure what I am doing wrong here:

Filter Permission 1: Full access if status field is equal to “Full edit”

Filter 2 Permission 2: Only read access if status field is equal to “Read only”



after all I think this is either a bug or a feature request :slight_smile:

I am putting in place 2 rules for the same user group. But it seems always only one of both rules triggers.

This is easy to confuse @jwitzmann

Actually what’s happening is that both rules are being applied.

The filters at the top are not “if the records match these conditions…apply these field rules” instead they are “limit these roles to records that match these conditions”

I can absolutely see what you’re trying to do, but Noloco can’t actually support that (with permissions) right now.

You could of course do it by controlling how you users edit the data, by hiding forms/action buttons etc.

Does this make sense / explain what’s happening?

As for the feature request, this is certainly something we want to support in the future! Very much on our radar

Thank you @darragh for this explanation and it makes perfectly sense. OK, I will cover this scenario in another way and will be waiting for the feature of having these conditions on permissions level somewhen in the future :slight_smile:

one question is remaining though: in both rules I grant read access to this group. Therefore normally they should at least be able to see the data but at the moment they don’t…

This is because the filters are mutually exclusive, records can’t both be Read-only and Full-edit.

Like I said, both filters are applied

I hope this helps

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