Identify Who Created A Record

I have a simple CRM with an Interactions collection linked to each contact record. I can record my interactions related to that contact. I am adding additional users to my CRM and want to be able to tell who added an interaction to a record. What is the easiest way to do that?

Im far from an expert on this but I’ve done something similar by creating a table field (text) called created by. I then used the hidden default value of loggedinuser firstname - lastname.

When a new record is now created it stamps it with who created it.

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Similar to Gary, I create an underlying ‘Created By’ field. However, instead of text, I make it a linked record to the users table in the data source. This will also allow you to analyze/filter records by the ‘Created By’ field. For example, a circle graph that shows total count of interactions, by user. Or, a page that is filtered to only the current user’s interactions, etc.


That makes total sense! Thank you!

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