Launch Week Day 5 🚀 Learn

Welcome to Day 5, the final day of the Noloco Launch Week.
Each day this week we have announced something new on Noloco, and we have, without a doubt, saved the best for last.

The theme for today’s update is: Learn.

Noloco Academy

Today we’re unveiling the Noloco Academy, a comprehensive learning hub designed to empower you to fully leverage the capabilities of Noloco.

Whether you’re new to our platform or looking to deepen your expertise, the Noloco Academy offers a structured path to mastering Noloco’s diverse features.

Expert-Curated Courses

Dive into a wide range of courses developed by the Noloco team. Each course has been created to cover every aspect of the Noloco platform, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build the perfect custom app for your team or clients.

Track your Progress

Stay motivated and on track with your learning journey. The Noloco Academy provides detailed progress tracking for each course, allowing you to monitor your advancement through the lessons and manage your learning pace effectively.

Take Personal Notes

Enhance your learning experience by taking personal notes on each lesson. This feature allows you to jot down key takeaways and important information, making it easier to review and retain the material covered.


Not only is the Noloco Academy a valuable educational resource, but it also serves as a live demonstration of the powerful features available on the Noloco platform. Yes, that’s right, the Academy is built with Noloco.

Getting Started

The Noloco Academy is free to everyone interested in enhancing their understanding and proficiency in Noloco. To start your learning journey, simply register at

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I tried logging in to the Noloco Adademy using my Noloco email and password and I received an error that my password credentials were incorrect. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @bhosey , you have to register for an Academy account, it’s a separate system actually

You can get started with an account here:


Yes, @darragh You’re right.
The same thing happened to me, then I’ve registered first and then started it.
It looks promising.

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