Personalized Record Images

Our latest feature will allow you to add more visual style to your Noloco app! Now, you can integrate profile-picture-like images on both record pages and title components on blank pages, providing a more personalized and aesthetically pleasing look to your app.‍Feature Highlights:Dynamic or Static Images: You can now incorporate dynamic images or upload any file of your choice, giving you the flexibility to display the most suitable visuals for your pages.‍Enhanced Personalization: Whether it’s a profile picture or a company logo, the addition of these images will help in creating a more personalized and intimate user experience.‍Increased Clarity & Context:Providing visual cues like profile pictures or logos can offer more context and clarity, aiding in quicker information processing and improved user comprehension.‍To get started, turn on build mode and open the header settings of you record page, or click on any of your title components on a blank page. ‍