Let Users Create Custom Filter Views on any Collection Page

I was surprised that I couldn’t find another post about this.

It would make the UX so much better if the end-user could add a set of filters and then save it as a view.

Then on any Collection page he could select from a dropdown of views with those filter presets.

Here’s a general idea of what it would look like:

When clicked, the topmost red box would show something like this:

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.31.31 AM

And when “Create new view” is clicked, a modal would appear where the user can choose between layouts like grid / table / rows / cards / board etc.


The main problems this would solve are:

  1. When you want the user to be able to filter by many different fields, and too many filter fields crowd up the top.
  2. When you want to set a default value for filter fields (to show the user a specific subset of records by default), but you also want the user to be able to see unfiltered records. Instead of the user having to manually remove all the filters, or instead of creating a separate “nested view” in the sidebar, you can just include default filter views. Then the user can select from the default views or create his own.
  3. When you want to display the same data in several different layouts. Instead of creating a separate “nested view” for table and timeline and board, you can let the user choose between them on the same Collection page. This would greatly declutter the sidebar so that you only need one tab per collection.

Of course this isn’t as easy to build as it is to describe, because many settings which were specific to the page would now have to be specific for each view (like sorting, grouping, fields shown, etc.)

I do think that the benefits make it worth looking into as part of the long-term roadmap.