Custom view controls for end-users

Hey Noloco team! :wave:t3:

In short, I am requesting a feature (or features) that allow end-users to customize a collection view. This has come up in a few conversations with my clients where we want the end-users to have more control over what they see. When I say “more control over what they see,” I don’t mean on the plane of permissions, but on the plane of layouts (i.e. which column goes where, grid vs board, and potentially even saving personal views like Airtable allows for (although that may be overkill for a V1 delivery on what I’m essentially requesting)).

This solves several things:

  • A collection can be personalized
  • A desired view for a particular person or role or team no longer has to be built into the way a single collection is programmed (although, of course, this ability would remain). Rather, the power is put into the hands of end-users to configure column orders and layouts to their liking.
  • Quicker view navigation. Right now, one particular way of looking at a set of data (in a collection) requires one unique collection. If one collection could have multiple custom views with better controls, you could have one collection, which the user can freely configure as a board, or grid, etc. That means less collections, less pages, and less build time (in instances where a builder wants the end-users to have more control).
  • My ugly workaround to the above is two or more (as many as you want) collections within a blank page, and only one collection is displayed at any given time, in accordance with whichever action button (in an action buttons element) was pressed. Kind of functions like Airtable views. But its slow, clunky, and still has to be programmed to look that particular way.

In my mind, this could be called a “Dynamic” view, or a “Dynamic collection.” By default, a Dynamic Collection would allow end-users to configure the display mode to their liking. In the settings for Dynamic Collections, builders would be able to define which columns in the corresponding table they are able to see/re-order, etc. (of course, Noloco permissions would have the highest authority here in terms of visibility).

I recognize this could be a heavy lift developmentally, but I think it’s time a no-code solution does this for the first time, leading in the arena of putting project management customization in the hands of end-users. That brings it one step closer to the power of off-the-shelf solutions like Asana, Clickup, etc.

People would absolutely LOVE this as the interactivity would be far more fluid and feel like Airtable even (at least, in terms of the customization).


I was just about to make a feature request for this as well! Great details Joel, and I would 100% agree this should be a priority to make noloco a true no-code competitor to big box solutions.

I have a use-case with a client now who is coming from Salesforce to Noloco (Airtable backend). They are accustomed to reporting features and need the ability to add/remove fields to prepare custom export files. My workaround is a ‘Reporting’ folder with custom nested views for each required report. This works fine if there are only a handful of reports, but not sustainable/scalable for larger teams/complex builds.

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Couldn’t have picked a better example!