More Obvious In-App Notifications

My clients are loving the in-app notifications, but some of them have completely missed that they even exist. Could there be something a little more obvious, maybe like a bubble with the new message count, to let us know there are new notifications.



Definitely in agreement here! I miss these myself sometimes :rofl:

One proposed solution would be the ability to have a “Comments” tab in the left-side nav that, when clicked, opens up the notifications pane as a modal.

Far more front-and-center to have “Notifications” be something that could be listed below or above all the other pages in the nav bar

Hey hey!! I’m seeing pop-ups today! That’s a step in the right direction! :smiley:

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@buildwithjoel and @Brandi_Bullock Just bumping this up and pinging @darragh - I also had a client where they missed that notifications existing.

My thought was making the new notification dot bright red or something else more conspicuous.