Mysql 1 form into 2 collection tables

Hello, anyone know if it’s possible to insert data from 1 form into 2 tables?

I have clients and leads tables linked by client_id. When staff add a client into the front end id like the same form to collect lead details too.

So in save, client_id is created in clients table, then into leads table linking the records.

Not sure if there is such a thing as a two step form in Noloco, first page is client details, click next (creates client_id) and loads the second page with connected lead details.

Thank you

You could use the OnSave Action if you’re on the Pro plan or higher. You’d likely want to use a URL that you construct to pass a value to filter the client in the leads table.
Alternatively you could use a workflow to copy the data over to the leads table once a client record is created.


Thanks @Ben, I am on the Pro plan and hadn’t come across the on save action, I’ll see if I can locate where that is, it may be just what I need.