Navigate to page > UUID not working

Record action navigate to page > UUID not working.

Issue: I am trying to give a visual clue that the list of records has a details page and wanted a record button to take them there. The button is not working.

I have also tried to create a record action that calls a workflow that creates a new records based on data in a unrelated table and then naviagte to that new record. This is also not working.

It look like the value for CV > uuid isn’t filled in @Kieran

Could that be the case?
You need to specify which UUID needs to be included in the URL

Argh! Missed that. Thank you.

Follow up question is there a way to pass back a UUID from a created record in the workflow back to the action button list of actions.

I want to create a new record in unrelated table A based on data in Table B that is displaying a list. I want the create a new record button to then navigate to the new record form with some details filled out based on Table B

So example:
I want to create a new CV based off a list view of potential roles, so I want a create a CV button on the record level on a list of roles in the roles table to trigger a workflow thats passes in the data of the role and the navigates to the /generate-cv/new form? I can see that working if I can pass back the new UUID that the workflow created back to the action button flow.

Great question @Kieran , but unfortnuately that’s not quite possible, and I’ll explain why.

Firstly, we don’t currently let you take the result of one action and use it in a subsequent action (but we definitely will in the future)

But even if we had that, workflows run asynchronously, i.e. they run in the background, so the result of your workflow can’t be passed back to the action, even if it could be used in a subsequent step.

I’m sure there’s a different way of doing this though, perhaps you could use an action to create the record instead, and that opens the new record by default (if you enable it to)