Noloco roll-ups: Count specific statuses from linked records

The ask: In a main table I would like to monitor the progress of linked tasks. This could be a project with subtasks or an order where I want to see in the headline of the main element how many subitems are still in which status.

Now with the help of a rollup field, at the moment I can count the total elements of subtasks which is fine. But I cannot count the elements of linked records in a specific status i.e. “in progress” or “done”. If I could, I could report on that in the main task / project.

Use cases here are imaginable in projects, tasks, orders, and numerous other areas.

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Essentially what this sounds like is a “filter” step for rollup field configurations. That would allow you to filter the subtasks that are rolled up by a desired condition (e.g. their status).

If so, I definitely agree. You can see this illustrated in Airtable’s rollup fields:
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.59.23 PM

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Yes, this is what I mean. In airtable this is available. Would be fantastic to have this in noloco tables as well.


Would be really helpful as we are wanting to use local Noloco fields more and more in the future.

Definitely need this. What can I use currently as a work around if say I had a record that can be either “available” or “not available” and I need to count all of the “available” and use that number in a workflow?

Currently do filters like this I create additional fields. In your case I would create 2 more fields available and “not available” either as boolean or text fields, and then count on true values.

@darragh This request is getting more relevant as rollups in airtable take some time before the changes come back to noloco from time to time. Definitely got some supporters :slight_smile: and is a solid request with valid usecases. Wondered if this is on the roadmap in the near future.