Ability to work in formula fields with results from formula fields on noloco tables

A feature I am really desperately missing when using noloco tables is the ability to reference the results of other formula fields to be able to calculate based on their result. There are endles scenarios where this would be very useful…


I had the same problem so I set up a database in Supabase where all the mathematical operations are performed. .

Would also be nice to be able to use rollups in the formula. I have quite a simple formula that is Holidays (number) + Carried Days (number) - Rollup (SUM number)

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@garyGHL you should be able to use rollups in a formula right now

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@darragh . Its an odd one, it works when I first create the formula but once a record is updated it starts to display odd numbers. Below, Holiday Taken is the rollup field:

HR Allocation = 12
HI Carried = 2
Holiday Taken = 11

Formula should read 12+2-11 = 3 but actually displays -11