Reference Nested Linked Record Values In Filters For Editing Linked Record Select Options inline for Collection Views

When setting up option filters for a Linked Record field found within the records of a collection view, I often run into time-consuming road blocks in accomplishing what I want.

The road block usually occurs because I cannot reference linked record value of the various linked records of the primary record.

For example, I may have a Contract with a link to a “States” table. I also have a “Payor” linked record field and “Payors” also have a “State” collection they are linked to.

Contract → State
Contract → Payor → States Served

I would like to be able to restrict the options for “Payors” that users can select inline on a collection views to only payors where “States Served” contains the “State” of the Contract.

Currently, to accomplish this I have to create rollup fields on the “State” table which runs up field counts.