View/filter by when searching by linked record

Scenario: in build mode setting some sort of conditional variable. For example, visibility of a details block.
Goal: hide block when linked collection is empty
Current workflow: select condition editor, search for linked record name due to 100’s of fields to scroll through, find the linked record field, click on it, only the fields that have the search term are visible. If no fields have the linked record field name, then no fields show up, I do hand on forehead emoji, and think for some reason I can’t use that field and I screwed up somewhere else.
Ideal workflow: select the condition editor, search for linked record name, have access to ID and/or uuid for that linked record, even though I search doesn’t include the ID or uuid. For example, select editor, search by linked record, select UUID or ID, and set the condition for when that field is empty or not.

See screenshot below

Here is a screenshot without the search, showing the ID/UUID

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