Relationship using Telephone Numbers (text)


I think that this is a bug… details below:

I would like to create a relationship (via an automatic link) between two Noloco tables:

Table 1 = Contact Numbers – contains Telephone numbers (primary key, text format) and corresponding contact details.

Table 2 = Call Log – which contains Telephone call logs. There is a ‘number key’ (text field) which is the telephone number. This matches the telephone number primary key in the Contact Numbers table.

It’s a one-to-many relationship - there will be many calls in the Call Log table for each contact number in the Contact Numbers table.

The issue:

In the Call Log table, I add a relationship column, select the Contact Numbers table, but at this point, the Choose a field type changes to Phone Number. I’ve attached a screenshot that might help.

I might be able to explain this, thanks for the details, would you be able to send me a link to this page, please?

Great, thanks Darragh. Here is a link:

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Thanks for bringing that to our attention, as you can probably assume, that is because of your table Contact Numbers which is internally named phoneNumber and thus clashing with how we temporarily store the field type…

We could look at updating that process, or I could rename your other table…

How would you like to proceed?

Please rename the table Darragh. Thanks

Sorry for the delay, but we’ve renamed that table for you (which isn’t trivial FYI so if you see something missing just let me know)